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Fort Hill Farms is your three-season family destination, where farming has been active through 3 generations in over 70 years.  We thrive on sustainability and educating people about local farming.

Now with over 200 milking cows, our family is very proud that the milk and cream from our very own cows are used in the production of Cabot cheeses and The Farmer’s Cow milk and ice cream.

Fort Hill Farms in the morning sun

Video of Fort Hill Farms. Courtesy of Carlos Grijalales

In the Spring, join us for tours of our wonderful Quintessential Gardens including one of the largest lavender displays in New England. Hear the cows mooing in the background, breathe in the fragrance and watch nature blooming all around.  Summer brings exciting activities, such as Art at the Farm, where a local artist teaches how to transform the beauty of Fort Hill Farms onto a painting you can bring home.

When the weather cools, things heat up.

  • Annual Corn Maze Adventure:  Enhance your knowledge about farming while having fun solving puzzles and going through the maze.
  • Pumpkin Fun:  Etch a pumpkin while still on a vine.  Then see how much it grew when you pick it up.  Or watch a pumpkin soar like an eagle by catapulting it.
  • Folk Music and Astronomer:  On many Fridays, look up at the stars that make up the Milky Way, while listening to local bands playing folk music.

And our Ice Creamery is always open for a bite of The Farmer’s Cow ice cream.   While here, bring home some Cabot Cheese and lavender gifts.

We live close by and always willing to show you around or dish out some ice cream.  Simply give us a call while you are on your way.