Corn Maze Adventure

CornMaze Entrance Banner

In our 2017 educational “Tree of Life” maze this year, you learn about sustainability on the farms of The Farmer’s Cow co-op. We aim to preserve our Natural Resources, and want you to know how we do it, and you can even participate!

Our cups, spoons and napkins are made out of bamboo and sugar cane, and decompose–gone!- in 180 days!
The mini-maze is called “Your Roots Run Deep” and is free on 9/2, and is a nice shorter walk for everyone if it is hot outside.

IMG_2056sCall 860-923-3439 for more information…

IMG_4788As always, when you enter the maze you’ll be given a game sheet, and as you walk the paths you can look for interesting facts about local farms.

By working together you will solve the Maize Quest Challenge!

See you in soon!

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