Pumpkin Fun

Bumble Bee Design etched by Jane Larson

Pumpkin Etching

NEW this year!  Pumpkin etching is an alternative to carving a pumpkin. The design is scratched into the pumpkin while the pumpkin is still on the vine and growing. As the pumpkin grows, the lines will widen and be much lighter in color than the rest of the pumpkin, making the design easy to see. We will be etching into green pumpkins because their skin is thin and easier to etch.

Not familiar with how to etch?  Let one of our staff help you with the process.  For an extra special design, Jane Larson, a local artist, will be on the farm on Saturdays, 9/8, 9/22 and 9/29 from 1:00pm-4:00pm to etch your pumpkin!

AGES 6 AND UP. (Etching is too difficult for younger children.) Children must be accompanied by a caregiver!

$5 when etching a pumpkin  /  $5 when picking it up

Pumpkin Library

Our Pumpkin Library combines our love of books and pumpkins.  Watch us fill up the shelves with pumpkins of every shape and size.

Grown here on the farm and harvested fresh.  Remember that pumpkins are not only used for decoration.  Many of our pumpkins and squashes are EDIBLE!  Ask our farmers for some great recipe ideas!

$5 per pumpkin (any size)