Welcome to Quintessential Gardens at Fort Hill Farms, where you can be immersed in nature’s beauty all year long! Come fill your senses with all the fragrances and colors of the seasons. Whether you are “joy-ercising”, walking in the corn maze or enjoying the gardens, Fort Hill Farms is your EVERY season agricultural destination. Our focus is on promoting peace and energy, and we have lots of beauty to share with you.

Flashlight Night at Fort Hill Farms Corn Maze

Corn Maze and Flashlight Nights

Open until October 31  Our 2022 seven-acre corn maze design is a tribute to Tree of Life and Frederick Law Olmsted.  Come be aMAZEd at the view inspired by Olmsted as you walk our 2022 seven-acre “Tree of Life” corn maze .  Find out why he is called the “Genius of Place” and why Fort Hill Farms exudes such solitude and “unpeopled” nature.

  • Tree of Life maze takes about 90 minutes to go through and is recommended for ages 8 and above. $15/person
  • Roots of Tree mini maze is ideal for all ages and handicap accessible. $5/person
  • Flashlight Nights – Experience walking the maze under the moon and stars.  Bring your own flashlights.  Open any night after dark until closing. $16/person

NO entry without a ticket or appointment!  Fort Hill Farms Corn Maze is designed to give everyone a fun and enjoyable experience.  In order to have time to complete the game sheets, we limit the number of people in the corn maze at one time.  Corn maze is open weekdays until 7:00pm and weekends until 9:00pm.  Last ticket sold 90 minutes before closing.  Always call ahead, if you would like to come earlier, do flashlight night on a weekday or come as a group.

No pets, alcohol or disposable bottles, please!

Check out the CORN MAZE page for hours and more information.

Man holding flashlight before going into the Fort Hill Farms Corn Maze

Astronomy Nights

Starting in September, Fort Hill Farms will have Astronomy Nights every Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights.  With our open fields and from the top of the hill, come see the beauty of the stars, moon and even some distant planets!


FREE to everyone.  Great ending to the corn maze experience.

Nature Walk at sunrise at Fort Hill Farms

Nature Walk

Whether at sunrise, sunset, or anytime in between, Nature Walks at Fort Hill Farms are invigorating!  Springtime, especially, brings a sense of hope and freedom and awakens the spirit to the newness of another year.  Hear the chirping of the birds and smell the fragrant flowers and flowering trees.

Choice of walks are:

  • Maple Grove – shady
  • Blue Spruce Grove – in high sun
  • Oak Grove  – by the lake

Call 860-234-1153 for appointment.

2022 Corn Maze

  • APPOINTMENT required (online or via phone) so that we can limit the number of people visiting our mazes.
  • Bring your FANCY WATER BOTTLES.  No disposable water bottles are allowed in the maze.
Flashlight Night
Any night from sunset to closing
Recommended for ages 8 and older
Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult
90 minutes to complete
$16 per person
Tree of Life Maze
Recommended for ages 8 and older
Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult
90 minutes to complete
$15 per person
Root of Tree Mini Maze
Recommended for all ages
Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult
30 minutes to complete
$5 per person, all ages

We are truly a Farm

Experience the beauty of nature by walking through our gardens and maze. Hear our milking cows mooing in the background.

Affordable prices

Affordable for everyone. Group pricing available.

Botany Expert

Mrs Botany (Kristin Orr) gladly shares her knowledge of botany any time of the year.

A Beautiful Maze

Walk in a clean environment as we have zero tolerance for alcohol and litter.

Forest Meditation

Step away from your busy chaotic world and enter into the forest to experience the calmnest of nature.

Outdoor Fun

Fun for all ages. Fishing, corn maze, nature walks and picnics in the open fresh air.