Welcome to Quintessential Gardens at Fort Hill Farms, where you can be immersed in nature’s beauty all year long! Come fill your senses with all the fragrances and colors of the seasons. Whether you are “joy-ercising”, walking in the corn maze or enjoying the gardens while eating your favorite ice cream, Fort Hill Farms is your EVERY season agricultural destination. Our focus is on promoting peace and energy, and we have lots of beauty to share with you.

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Joy-ercise and Botany Walks

Cooped up?  Want some outside fun while social distancing?  Boundless Energy has a variety of outdoor activity for you!  Kristin’s unique “joy-ercise” personal classes are contagious.  Experience nature at its prime – with blossoming flowers, trees and monarch butterflies.  Appointments every day from 6:00am-6:00pm.  Register today ONLINE!

  • Joy-ercise – One hour personal fitness workout in the open fresh air
  • Botany Walk – Walk with “Mrs. Botany” as she inspires and educates you about unusual plants
  • Nature Walk – View the flowers and butterflies while touring the natural beauty and wide open spaces
Gallon of The Farmer's Cow chocolate ice cream with dried lavender in front

Lavender Creamery

You've been asking for it. So here it is! THE FARMER'S COW ice cream in 1/2 gallons. And don't forget about our lavender gifts.

Walking through Fort Hill Farms Corn Maze

Corn Maze

From August to October, enjoy the Corn Maze by day or during our FLASHLIGHT NIGHTS.

Monarch Butterflies on flowers

Quintessential Gardens

Just like monarch butterflies, immerse yourself in all the colors and fragrances of Fort Hill Farms Quintessential Gardens.

We are truly a Farm

Experience the beauty of nature by walking through our gardens and maze. Hear our milking cows mooing in the background.

Affordable prices

Affordable for everyone, including special pricing. Contact us for groups of 20 or more.

Botany Expert

Mrs Botany (Kristin Orr) gives botany tours at any time of the day or night.

A Beautiful Maze

Zero Tolerance for alcohol and litter. Win a gift certificate for keeping our maze beautiful.

Forest Meditation

Step away from your busy chaotic world and enter into the forest to experience the calmnest of nature.

Outdoor Fun

Fun for all ages, Fort Hill Farms is the destination for exciting outdoor fun and creamy ice cream