Gardens & Lavender

What is a Quintessential Garden?

Quintessential Gardens offers unusual varieties of home-grown perennials, perennials that don’t take a lot of care, and perennials that hardly need any water. With her expertise in organic farming and sustainability, Kristin can help explain how to keep your new plants growing healthy and free from pesticides and herbicides. Let’s be the generation that makes a difference!

Lavender Grown Organically

Just as the plants reach the peak of beauty, Kristin hand picks her lavender, fresh from her gardens. She spends a lot of time making bundles and carefully taking off the small buds to use for fragrance or food ingredients.

Our lavender is grown organically, so the petals are edible and delicious! It has a very strong fragrance, which makes it very good in Lemonade, tea, cookies, cakes, and goat cheese tarts.  The lavender season is in full bloom usually in June.  But every year is a little different. So call us to find out when the lavender is being picked and look for special lavender-themed events through the summer.