Lavender Creamery

Why is it called the Lavender Creamery?

Kristin Orr combines her two loves:  Lavender and milk from her cows.  Not only is Fort Hill Farms proud to be part of the Cabot Farm Family and The Farmer’s Cow, but Kristin also painstakingly grows organic lavender.

Bunches of Dried Lavender


Kristin’s lavender contains no pesticides nor chemicals.  So they are edible!  She diligently and delicately cares for her lavender.  At harvest time, she gathers them in bunches and hangs them to dry.  Walking into her shop fills the visitor with the wonderful, calming fragrance of lavender.

So stop by the Lavender Creamery to purchase some dried lavender and gifts made from dried lavender!

Farmer's Cow egg nog and egg and Cabot Cheese

Lavender Creamery

The Lavender Creamery is open during corn maze hours.

Looking for other dairy products?  You’ve come to the right place!  The Lavender Creamery sells: